"Many people have contributed to the heritage of the Indiana Duneland. Some have been involved in historical events; some have recorded stories and images from the past; some have worked to preserve Dune landscapes for the future. William and Flora Richardson, devotees of the Dunes and namesakes of the Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, left a legacy of their own that includes all of these things.

Though they were like other Chicagoans of their times, they were also unique individuals. The history of the Dunes would be poorer without the story, the images, and the sanctuary they left for the future. ~ James Newman, Ph.D."

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~providing funds to support the education of university students who are pursuing courses of study or other education programs in the areas of natural history or the natural sciences.

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Our ultimate project will be the facilitators and administrators of a wild life sanctuary. We are excited to be actively looking at suitable pieces of land. Our collegiate grants, support of local programs, and future endeavors all line up with and are worthy of the Richardson legacy.

Here you can find a list of similar minded organizations that we call friends and neighbors. Take some time to explore their work and perhaps support their causes.

A biography of William and Flora Richardson; written by James Newman, Ph.D.

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